Dress Code

Statesville Middle School is a school where “Excellence is an Expectation” in all we do and who we are.  To achieve excellence in appearance, we expect our students to be dressed for an academic atmosphere of purposeful learning and responsible citizenship. These guidelines will help students make good choices about what to wear, so that parents don’t need to be called to the school:


  • All clothing must be worn in an appropriate and tasteful manner, and as originally intended by the designer. For example, headbands will not be worn around the neck; shirts must be buttoned so chest or T-shirts are not exposed, shoes must be fastened/tied; etc. Clothes may not be inside out or backward, and must stay up/on independently.
  • Extremely loose/big clothes (huge 5XL T-shirts, sagging pants) or extremely tight/small clothes (midriff-baring tops, mini-skirts, short shorts, low-cut blouses/décolletage) are not permitted.
  • Abusive, suggestive or profane language; symbols of illegal substances; or any other words, symbols or slogans that disrupt the learning environment may not be worn on clothing or as jewelry.
  • Students are required to wear shoes at all times for health and safety reasons.



  • Headwear: No hats, scarves/headwraps, bandanas, do-rags, toboggans, etc. are to be worn in the building
  • No sweatbands are allowed
  • Hoods from hoodies should be removed from the head in the building.


  • Shirts must be fingertip length or shorter - No oversized shirts allowed
  • Shirts should NOT 
    • expose the stomach/torso or shoulders;
    • be low-cut in front, back, or sides; 
    • be excessively tight or see-through; 
    • expose lingerie or underwear 
  • Shirts must contain sleeves that cover the shoulder and underarm; tank tops and spaghetti straps are not allowed.
  • There should be no visible cleavage
  • Shirts must not contain any logos or graphics containing inappropriate symbols, words, pictures, or articles depicting violence, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sex, vulgarity, demeaning to race, or gang related


  • All pants, short, skirts must be clean. No rips, tears, or holes above the knee allowed.
  • Shorts (including skorts), skirts, and dresses must fall to a maximum of 3” above the middle of the kneecap.
  • Leggings, jeggings, or tights are only allowed if worn under skirts, dresses or shorts that already meet the 3” rule.
  • All bottom wear must be worn at the waist. Belts are not required unless student allows the bottoms to drop below the waist. No oversized pants are allowed.
  • Pants worn below the waist or showing clothing/underwear beneath the main outerwear. Girls’ “low rider” pants that reveal skin are not acceptable. No sagging pants with the crotch closer to the knees than to its intended location. Pants must stay up without assistance – if you have to hold the waistband while walking to keep your pants on, your pants do not fit.
  • No pajamas or pajama pants
  • No sweatpants


  • No flip-flops (regardless of thickness of sole or amount of decoration); shower/spa shoes; bedroom shoes/slippers; slides; high heels
  • Sandals need to have a heel strap.

During the course of the year, SMS may determine that new fads and modes of dress are disruptive to a safe and orderly learning environment. The dress code may be adjusted accordingly.

SMS keeps some garments on hand for students who wear inappropriate clothes to school. We may have a T-shirt for you to borrow so that you will not miss classroom instruction while waiting for your parents to bring you a change of clothing.  We can’t guarantee that you will like what we have available or that we’ll have something in your size. We also have personal hygiene items available on request in the main office.